Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Elisabeth Bentz Linens

I just can't get enough natural linen lately, so I'm swooning over these beautiful hand-drawn and -printed textiles from Portland, Oregon's Elisabeth Bentz. Above: Leaf Apron, $36

Colander Market Bag, $36

Leaf Pillow, $68

Colander Tea Towel, $11

Leaf Napkin, $18 for two

Colander Napkin, $18 for two

See all of Bentz's Etsy offerings right here.


Kelsey said...

That wrap around skirt is adorable!

Anonymous said...

gosh, I am blown away by how many great, creative things come out of Portland.

Leah said...

Me, too, Sarai! Portland is definitely a creative hotbed right now.


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