Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cool Stuff: Leafcutter Designs Trade Tokens

Here's a novel idea (and I know this is mighty rich coming from someone who publicly covets things all day long): Instead of another scented candle or useless tchotchke for Mom this Sunday, how about the simple promise of your time, or something made with love and your own two hands?

Based on historic "tough times tokens" (shown above), which took the place of currency when money was in short supply, these charming wooden trade tokens from Lea Redmond of Oakland-based Leafcutter Designs (aka the woman behind the equally charming World's Smallest Postal Service) offer something of infinite value: A homecooked meal, a walk together, a pep talk when you're feeling down.

As Redmond says, "Many of the best things in life don't take much money, anyway. I've created this series of trade tokens to help spread thrifty and wonderful homegrown goods and services through our culture. Give them as gifts, pass them out at potlucks, leave them around town for other people to find and circulate. Let them take on a life of their own and remind us all what true value is." Hear, hear.

The tokens are 75 cents each, or 12 for $8 right here.


Tiffany S. said...

Genius! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

(And Happy Early Mother's Day to you!)

Annie Pazoo said...

Lea comes up with the most clever ideas - I love everything she does! Hadn't seen this one yet, thanks for featuring it!

Desiree said...

these are just so neat!
happy early mama day!


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