Tuesday, May 15, 2007

House in Progress: "Pink Loves Brown" Fixes My Bathroom

Remember my recent post about the disastrous pink paint job in our bathroom, and my total confusion about what to do to help this room?

Well, I just got an email from the wonderful Nicole Balch of Pink Loves Brown and Making it Lovely with a visual rendering of her suggested fixes. Nicole's virtual improvements (above left) include a lighter (but still pink, of course!) paint color, new window shade, burgundy towels to match the trim, and some of her own lovely artwork adorning the walls.

I'm quite taken with it. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I like the lighter pink paint color. But the rest seems to crowd the space. You want your bathroom to be a venue for relaxation. Art work might be nice, but I would go with something simple and not so matchy-matchy.

Anonymous said...

i thought the fix was on the right side. =/ I'd say to stick to something more crisp... not merengue-ish.

Making it Lovely said...

Hee. Not very popular, I guess! I wouldn't go so matchy-matchy with the art either (it was just easiest to do that while I was playing around with the photo). I do like the idea of flanking the mirror on each side though. And I think the burgundy 'pops' more in my version (which I think is something you wanted). Oh well! :)

amanda bee said...

sigh. I was wondering if AT would have any hot advice for my mauve bathroom (with grey and mauve floor tiles).

I like the shade you have over the new one she proposes, but the flower motif is cool (or is that leftover from a bouquet in the original photo of that shade?) It looks printed on or painted on, which is kind of cool.

I would add some thing with real color. The butterflies are nice, but I'd want something bigger, and maybe not two of the same.

I'd try to get my hands on a little medicine bottle to keep a flower or two on the back of the sink, too.

You don't have to go crazy, but you need something to break up the color scheme a bit.

Anonymous said...

I would match it with a deep turquoise.


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