Sunday, May 13, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Danish Highboy

Check out the sexy legs on this baby!

I love the sculpted drawer fronts on this Danish Modern walnut highboy chest -- they're so unusual. This piece offers lots of great-looking storage but takes up minimal floorspace.

Current bid: $61.

(And while you're browsing, don't miss the seller's matching lowboy dresser.)


Luuvely said...

i have this piece of furniture..the dresser..and was soo impressed to see it on your site..i think i bought mine at the salvation army like 5 years back for 30 soo happy with it...i would love to have the matching nightstand..its soo cute!!! and yyyyeees the bottom drawer is a "double drawer" its sooo nice" most all of my sons summer shirts are in the bottom! sooo much space!

MoModerne said...

Hi! I have the matching nightstand up for auction now- MoModerne- on eBay. The whole set including bed. Thanks so much for posting my auctions!


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