Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cool Stuff: Marimekko Fabrics

Have you seen Marimekko's new Spring fabric collection? To die, darlings. I'm in love with the Onnen Apila fabric, left. It comes in lime/aqua, red/yellow, pink/aqua, white/green, and white/blue colorways, and is available from Textile Arts.

Another new offering I'm loving is the Hollywood Regency-esque Marhaba lattice print, which comes in spring green, orange, and white. Unlike most Marimekko patterns, this one is relatively small, so it's great for throw pillows, placemats, chair-seat covers, and other accents.

And don't miss the delightfully simple and graphic Paarya. (Note: Each pear is HUGE: 4 feet tall by 2.5 feet wide, so use this somewhere you want to make a really dramatic statment.)

While you're browsing, check out Textile Arts' classic Marimekko patterns, as well. A few on my wish list:

Kossiopeia (in sea green, yellow, red, and brown).

Latvassa Korkealla (in pink/brown, green/white, green/blue, pink/white, gold/brown, blue/black, and orange/pink).

Appelsiini (in lime, yellow, brown, and blue).

Lumimarja (in blue, natural, red, yellow, green, pink, aqua, and silver).

Kaivo (in cranberry, green, camel, brown, burgundy, white, red, and blue).

And finally, the iconic Unikko (in too many colors to list).

Most of these patterns are quite large, so the fabrics are best for slipcovers, curtains, duvet covers, and other large-scale projects (if only I could sew!).

They also make wonderfully colorful and dramatic wall hangings. Just staple-gun a piece of fabric around one of Textile Arts' handy, made-to-measure frame kits. Voila -- instant wall art.

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Ashlynn {mamabear} said...

I saw this store in Finland & had never heard of it. I must be from a hole!


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