Sunday, April 29, 2007

House in Progress: Our Wallcovering Conundrum

One of the things I've been obsessing over lately -- and, trust me, there are many -- is wall-paper. I'm loving all the cool, super-graphic new designs out there, and really want to experiment with using wallpaper (in limited doses) in our home -- as well as just being a bit bolder on the decorating front.

So, though I've been eying all the great new offerings from wallpaper designers like Timorous Beasties, Ferm Living, Cavern, and Neisha Crosland, the paper that really jumped out at me is the vintage Mylar print, above, that I found on eBay. I snapped up a few rolls with the idea that we'd paper the wall behind our bed with it. (We're painting the other walls a deep, rich chocolate and then offsetting the dark walls with white curtains, bedding, furniture, etc. -- there's also lots of natural light in the room as well as plenty of white-painted trim, so I'm not worried about the overall effect being too dark.)

Anyway, my husband, Nick, is on board for everything but the wallpaper, which he's not so sure about. Normally, I sort of steamroll over the poor guy when it comes to decorating decisions. But in this case I can't really throw out the "Let's just try it -- if you don't like it, we'll do something else!" line, since I suspect this stuff will be a bugger to take off.

So my questions to you are, Am I crazy for liking this wallpaper? Is it super-cool, or super-tacky? A bold and yummy choice, or a Seventies nightmare come back to life? I honestly can't decide ...

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BenBirdy1 said...

Hi Leah!

I thought a good way to waste time would be scrolling through the details of your neighbor's house for sale. If only! Sigh.

Also I'm kind of obsessed with that pear fabric, but then again I am pear obsessed.

So glad to have this lovely way to see you.

xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

Hey Leah, It would definitely be a big step. If you have a lot of light in the room it might be fine. It might also be overwelming. I'm so far out of the decorating chain these days (our major investment right now seems to be gutters and we're looking at $9k for the kind that keep the copious PNW leaves out) I'm probably not a good arbiter of taste. BUT, as far as putting it up and taking it down I have some real experience. If you make sure your wall is properly treated and well primed beforehand, and then hate it after 6 months, it should come down with a steamer no sweat. But I'd have a professional put it up and grill them first just to be sure. (Mb)

Anonymous said...


I like it! You might get tired of it, so it would be cool to frame a big portion of it and then mount it on your wall.


P.S Love your blog - check it out all the time.


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