Thursday, July 16, 2009

Etsy Find: Munstre Lightboxes

Loving these cool lightboxes from Etsy seller Munstre (aka Boston crafter Chris Elsasser). Each is handmade from Munstre's custom graphics or from vintage x-rays and medical lithographs and each is mounted in a ready-to-hang, solid wood frame with a pre-installed lightbulb and plug. Above: Follow Me to Heaven, $95

En Cloude, $70

However Long the Night, the Dawn Will Break, $130

Old Fashioned Bicycle, $95

Lift Your Skinny Arms to the Sky, $140

Anatomical Heart, $65

On a White Lake, $140

See all of Munstre's Etsy offerings right here -- and check out more of his lightboxes, prints, and other creations here.


Angela said...

I like the name of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Our house has a really cool fireplace with an awkward outlet placed right over the mantel. I've been wondering what we'd put there. problem solved. I *love* his lightboxes. thank you!

jackie kersh said...

love those.

lolly-jolly said...

what a cool idea!

by JOS said...

these are great! love the idea.

happy monday, joanna

Unknown said...

AWESOME blog!!! Thanks for your wonderful work and eye!

Unknown said...

AWESOME blog!!! Thanks for your wonderful work and eye!

Malvini FF said...

Love these lightboxes!!!
thanks for the introduction

Tanneke said...

Simply stunning! Love it!

Michael Lange Ocala said...

Those are so cool... I want one! or two!

Mary said...

there's way too many people saying their goodbye's in your last post so I wanted to say goodbye here and thanks for taking the time to put together such an awesome blog. I've gone through a few posts and I think you should continue blogging once you have more time. You're an excellent writer! :)


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