Monday, August 4, 2008

Bonus eBay Find of the Day: Block Chromatics Dishware

I was flipping through the latest issue of O at Home this weekend, and was immediately drawn to the colorful mugs and bowls shown in actress Jennifer Carpenter's cheerful L.A. kitchen. I'd never seen anything like them before, and turned immediately to the source notes in the back to see what they were.

Turns out they're part of a vintage tableware line called Chromatics from German manufacturer Block, and were purchased by Ms. Carpenter's decorator, Ariel Ashe, from Los Angeles' Lawson Fenning boutique (likely translation: $$$).

I thought I'd try my luck on eBay instead, and quickly turned up this set of seven Block Chromatics plates plus bowl. I love the graphic effect they create when stacked -- perfect for open shelves in the kitchen!

Current bid for the set: $17


JPM said...

There you go again, showing me something I have never seen before that I just love! O Temptation, you are called More Ways To Waste Time! seriously.

Anonymous said...

I liked those, too, but my favorites are the insulated wicker mugs, shown on the shelf below. Can you find those for me with your superior ebay searchin' capability? ;)

Leah said...


Don't say I never did anything for you:



Anonymous said...

oh, Leah, thank you! I searched and came up with nothing. I have such fond memories of these from my childhood---we had six colors, one for each member of the family. The insulated mugs were great for making rootbeer floats. mmmmm..... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so shocked to see the chromatics. As a 1972 bride to be, I 'registered' for this china and lived in a small enough town that the china department at the store actually set a huge dining table with a place setting of each currently registered brides' selections. Imagine how this stuck out on a table set with a sea of Lenox, etc. Story? Not an acceptable choice, apparently, not one piece was received! And I never saw these dishes again until a museum display for a tabletop exhibit, 30 years later.

indola brave said...

Hello all! To whom it may concern... I happen to have a whole set of these in the red-lavender color!!! I have a thrift addiction. There I said it. haha. I came across these and spent the next two hours scouring the store for all the pieces!! I ended up with a hefty amount- 26 plates and bowls and seven mugs!! So, long story short I am interested in parting with them... so let the bidding begin... Seriously though if anyone is interested please contact me through ebay hicutievintage is my store name. Or through my email. These are not listed on ebay. I will consider best offers.
They are pretty rare and hard to come across a whole set together!
oh and in the photo they are all mixed up... mine are the purple/lavender hues and reds/pinks all with concave and convex attributes!!!
yay for you!

Unknown said...

My aunt gave me what was left of her old set of gold-brown plates a few months ago (and a creamer). I didn't know what they were so I googled them and found your blog. They're beautiful in a full set!!

Anyway, I'm getting ready to move, and trying to lighten my load, so I've put them on ebay if you or any of your readers are interested. Maybe they'll find a full set to become friends with. (o:

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