Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sound Off: What's Your Favorite "Little" Magazine?

Sure, everyone in the design blogosphere is drooling over Domino and buggin' about Blueprint, and I love those magazines, too. (On the other hand, Dwell, which my fellow design junkies all seem to worship, leaves me utterly cold. And while I like ReadyMade in theory, I don't have a crafty bone in my body.)

But the home magazine I live for is the U.K.'s Living, Etc. I have been known to drive across town in search of the latest issue, and to happily fork over close to ten bucks -- damn that exchange rate! -- for it. (I really ought to look into subscribing ... )

And I'm just loving the new-ish, Birmingham, Alabama-based Cottage Living (which, despite the name's shabby-chic connotations, is actually really fresh and even modern). I appreciate the fact that the homes featured are not in New York or L.A., as well -- who knew that the South was so stylish?

I'm really digging Canadian House & Home, too -- it's full of stuff that's different from the things you see in every American home mag, but that's still "get-able" (both literally and figuratively) for those of us not living in the Great White North. That's actually how I discovered Vancouver's One + Only Custom Headboards, which I blogged yesterday. I recently bit the bullet and subscribed, which wasn't cheap -- but I think it's worth it.

Now I want to hear from you guys: What lesser-known shelter magazines do you think are worth seeking out? Please post a comment and let me know!

(Photo: "Nice Rack," by flickr member vw-busman.)


Unknown said...

I just started subscribing to Cottage Living. I really like it too. There's a bit more garden stuff in there than I might ever need but it's still very fun to peruse. Through that subscription, I've been offered trials for Coastal Living (I said no, thanks) and Southern Living (giving it a shot but haven't gotten any issues yet). There's a whole lotta living going on out there!

Anonymous said...


I like a few; all that you listed, Traditional Home, if you can believe it, has great quality ideas and I lean toward the cleaner applications of their ideas, World of Interiors, love that; the European influence, and Florida Design, well they are over the top with ideas, but scaled down, great for project inspiration and mental library.

There are more-Western Interiors, Interior Design, and even Veranda and Southern Accents; i look at them for conceptual, not actual applications.

I have to agree with you re: Dwell, their ideas are great and emphasis on sustainable is appreciated but I need a bit more warmth and personality---not as prone to the sparce.

thanks for the post.


Katie said...

I'm a huge huge huge Living Etc. fan! Love it so much. Buying that and Elle Decoration UK is one of my monthly splurges.

I did look into getting the subscription to Living Etc. around Christmas last year and oddly enough it is not worth getting it. If my memory serves me correctly I think you pay about the same as you do buying it on the newsstand, maybe a bit more if you include overseas shipping costs. Such a bummer that it isn't a better deal.

erinn said...

I too am a huge Cottage Living fan and Living Etc. I have recently discovered Ideal Home another British shelter mag, that I really like. On Sunday I walked into Barnes & Noble for a coffee and walked out with $36 worth of mags.

Anonymous said...

Country Home has surprisingly modern interiors. It's been my favorite for years.

Anonymous said...

Hands down, Livingetc. is a fabulously inspiring publication--young, fresh and chockfull of great ideas. Dwell, on the other hand, is as cold and uninviting as a witch's titty.


katiedid said...

Ditto on Dwell. Not a fan.
I agree on Cottage Living. I have not subscribed, but do pick it up when I see it. I have been likng House Beautiful lately. I like the more recent format of the last couple of years with the interviews with designers. I do like hearing their point of view (being one myself and all).

ahint said...

I took a vacation to Vancouver Island, BC this summer and came across a Canadian shelter/shopping magazine in line at the grocery. Why, oh why, didn't I just buy it? It was new, and seemed to offer exclusively products made in Canada. I think it might have been called Chocolat....
Can anyone help me track this down??

Unknown said...

Ann..Chocolat magazine is a Canadian magazine that has a similar style to Domino. I have a link to it under magazines on my Blog: http://patriciagrayinc.blogspot.com/
I also like Western Living which is a great local design magazine from Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Cottage Living is one of my very favorite magazines ever!

Anonymous said...

Elle Decor UK!


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