Friday, June 1, 2007

Objects of Lust: Found It!

I feel a bit like Monika in Domino magazine ...

Soon after I blogged about the seemingly unattainable lotus ball chandeliers and lamps from London's Graham & Green, I got an email from Jim B. alerting me to a virtually identical chandelier from our very own shopping-mall staple, Z Gallerie.

Z's 16-inch version, which costs $279, is currently out of stock -- but it sounds like more will be arriving soon. (Somehow, knowing that one of these can be had at my local home decor chain makes it a little less swoon-worthy. But it's still a gorgeous light fixture at a reasonable price. Wish they had the black, though!)

Check it out here.

(Thanks for the tip, Jim!)


katiedid said...

I am putting this fixture in my new Powder Room! I LOVE it.

katiedid said...

I just noted your earlier post on this fixture. They are not so expensive here and are available at Lumens Light and Living ( in Sacramento. Unfortunately without a ceiling plate, but that can be worked out. )I am not sure they are available online however.)

Nick Bell said...

i bought a very similar one from - it is FAB!


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